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Subaru Impreza P1 Restoration

So what’s been happening? Well, lots, really. We’re super busy and continuing to be so, also recently earning the name of “Nearly there” and for, I hope, a good reason. 🤷‍♂️ Well, this lovely P1 is, in fact, nearly there, so it’s time to share a few more photos of the process. It’s an absolute pleasure restoring such iconic Subaru Editions. It’s taking me back to my early years when Bugeys and Blobeyes were a rare site! Without question, the detailing has to be on point, with a fully restored underside, adding P1 Suspension and Prodrive Alcon front brakes courtesy of RCM. We also re-produced the P1 back box, especially with this car in mind. The gearbox has been refreshed by TEG Sport. A lovely crinkle-coated inlet and refurbished intercooler were added, and so much more! In addition, a number of useful GC8 Brackets and mounts which have degraded over the years are in the production process for enhancing the long-term survival and originality of the GC8 ❤️ More to