CARBERRY ROM 2001-2005 V7-V8 - Slowboy Racing
CARBERRY ROM 2001-2005 V7-V8 - Slowboy Racing

Slowboy Racing

Subaru Impreza CARBERRY ROM 2001-2005 V7-V8

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Carberry Rom remapping for your stock Subaru Impreza WRX/STI 2001-2006 16-bit ECU. Install functions like anti-lag, launch control and flat foot shift without breaking the bank for a stand-alone ECU! The map will allow us to surpass the airflow/power limitations imposed by the factory air flow sensor with the added benefit of additional engine safety functions. This map can only be used with Subaru 16-bit ECU STI/WRX 2000-2006 EJ20. Recommend for applications over 380BHP

  • Features include
  • Switchable maps
  • Antilag, Launch control, Flat foot shift
  • Maffless 
  • Maff/Speed Density blending for refined light load
  • Fuel flex capability
  • knock warning function and more
  • Road Mapping time 3-4 hours