RCM 11mm Head studs - Slowboy Racing
RCM 11mm Head studs - Slowboy Racing

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RCM 11mm Head studs

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The RCM 11mm Performance Head Stud Kit is the perfect addition to any high performance engine build.

Manufactured from S99 Steel with a certified minimum yield strength of 1080 MPa our new Performance Studs offer a substantially greater force on your cylinder head gaskets when compared to the O.E cylinder head bolts. With a greater pressure placed on your cylinder heads (and in turn your cylinder head gaskets) this greatly reduces the chance of head movement under boost, keeping your precious head gaskets stable and allowing them to continue providing an effective seal from cylinder chambers, oil and waterways.

All kits are supplied with RCM's own assembly lube, which utilizes Graphite DJ technology, ensuring you are able to install to the correct torque figures accurately.