ID1050CC Injectors - Slowboy Racing
ID1050CC Injectors - Slowboy Racing
ID1050CC Injectors - Slowboy Racing

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ID1050CC Injectors

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Simply the best choice for injector upgrade. We recommend fitting ID1050 when replacing stock 550CC injectors for 400BHP and above. Don't be put off by the injector's size, the scale is like stock 550CC injectors.

An essential part of modifying your Impreza engine is having the ability to supply the cylinder with enough fuel during the combustion process.

Our 1050cc high performance, top feed injectors are designed to fit Imprezas from 2001 onwards (V7+) and are a direct replacement to the 565cc standard units. These injectors are ideally suited to high power applications and boast simple installation to the standard fuel rail without any modification.

Not only do they ensure a safe and reliable supply of fuel, but they also maintain a factory-style spray pattern, providing a smooth idle and excellent throttle response.

Each injector comes complete with O-ring seals and electrical connectors to allow for a successful installation.

We recommend installing an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator and fuel pump.