Carberry-Rom 2000-2005

Speed density for the factory ECU.


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The Carberry ROM is developed to enhance the capability of the stock ECU on 16bit Subaru's. It uses a Speed Density control scheme which means fueling is calculated primarily from the MAP sensor instead of the MAF sensor. The ROM is based off the Group-N ROM and is ideal for fast road and track Impreza 2000-2005 WRX and STI only.  

Current Features Include(Includes Group-N Features)
-Speed Density
-Rally Style Anti-Lag
-2Step Launch Control
-Per Gear Wastegate and Boost Target control
-Anti-Lag enabled/disabled via user defined switch
-Aggressive Launch Control
-Flash CEL in the event of knock w/DTC functionality
-Fuel Pump Duty Control
-Map Switching
-Launch Control Static Fuel/Timing (Aggressive Launch Control)
-Positive/Negative MAP Sensor Offsets for aftermarket MAP sensors
-No Lift to Shift (Requires slight wiring modification)
-Cut X from Y for Launch Control and NLTS
-Spark cut Launch Control
-Increased Load Cap to a Max of 8.0g/rev
-IAM and FLKC Functionality w/New IAM calculation method
-Rotational Idle
-Target Boost Cap Increased to 64psig
-Knock Mode Indicator
-Force Pass Readiness
-Force Full Time Open Loop
-OverBoost Fuel Cut
-Mass Airflow mode w/blending capability!
-Knock sensor control definition updates
-Datalogging definition updates
-Per cylinder knock threshold logging
-Per cylinder knock noise level logging
-Per cylinder knock count
-Combined knock count
-Low Injector Pulsewidth compensation (enable/disable option)
-Intake Port temperature estimation for IAT compensations (enable/disable option)
-Omni Power Map Sensor Fix
-Injector Timing Definition
-A/F Learning Disable in open loop
-Tons of new idle control definitions
-Logger definition updates
-Evap compensation disable
-Updated Speed Density Tables to closer resemble a stand-alone ECU system
-Flex Fuel Capability!
-TGV Control!
-Alcohol Injection Control (Beta)
-Engine Load Smoothing
-Load Based Ignition Table option
-Individual table switching/blending control