SBR 2.1/2.0 Semi closed deck

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The SBR 2.1 & 2.0 is our entry level forged short block which are best suited to fast road and track. We recommend a maximum BHP of 500 for the Semi closed block and 550 for the closed option. Short engines can be made to custom specification using a range of internals. 

Block includes:

  • EJ207 Semi closed deck
  • Clevlite Main and big end bearings
  • 79 or 75MM STI Crank shaft 2.1/2.0 options
  • Mahle Pistons
  • Manley rods
  • 11 mm SBR modified oil pump
  • Baffled sump plate & OE sump pan
  • Up rated pick up
  • Assembled ready for heads